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Wellness and squash at Natural Guesthouse, GyőrWellness and squash at Natural Guesthouse, GyőrWellness and squash at Natural Guesthouse, GyőrWellness and squash at Natural Guesthouse, GyőrWellness and squash at Natural Guesthouse, GyőrWellness and squash at Natural Guesthouse, Győr

Fitness, Wellness, Squash

The body’s due...

Our facility is referred to as health centre, implying the benevolent effect of workout and relaxation. We offer varied opportunities for the preservation of the general good condition of health, in an air conditioned pleasant environment with the help of instructors.


We selected three fields of the realm of fitness that we offer to you.

  • squash
  • gym
  • aerobic


Four types of professional cardio-workout equipment and a complete system of weights (bar-bells and dumb-bells) are waiting for those who wish to shape their bodies. Regardless of gender and age level you may use the workout equipment and you may compose your own workout program with the help of the personal trainer.

Cardio-workout equipment:
  • treadmill
  • elliptical trainer
  • stepper
  • exercise bike

All the four exercise equipment is suitable for improving stamina, strengthening heart and vascular system without injury. After entering the particulars (age, weight) the equipment will automatically display the required pulse rate, with the observation of which you may make the workout safely and effectively.

The exercise bike and the elliptical trainer have an extra feature of releasing the strain in the joints while the muscles are working intensively. People with overweight may also use the mentioned equipment owing to the fact that during the workout the impact between the body and the floor being extremely straining to the joints (especially to the ankles, the knees and eventually the vertebral column) can be completely avoided.

With the weight system the muscles of the whole body can be strengthened per each muscle group. By variation of the weight and number of reps and sets you may either burn fat or grow the mass of the muscles.


When physically fatigue use our Finnish sauna and the whirlpool belonging to the sauna for the recreation of your body and soul. Sauna helps intoxication of the body and the alternating hot and cold has a benevolent effect on preserving the vitality of the skin.

Our whirlpool has several inlets with adjustable intensity at different positions in the pool, and a controlled temperature adjuster. The whirlpool is ideal for the relaxing of tired muscles in a tranquil environment.

Our facility deals with the marketing of vitamins, supplements and nutrition, muscle growers and fat burners. We have chosen a company to be our partner whose products contain natural ingredients, and do not contain harmful substances, thus their benevolent action can be enjoyed without any adverse side effects.


This has been a popular sport in Hungary for several years now. It is suitable to move all the parts of the body and it improves stamina and intensifies the functioning of cardio-vascular system. The rules of this sport are simple, the basic strokes can be learnt easily thus the game may become enjoyable soon for everyone.


The name aerobic originates from the muscle work made in an environment rich in oxygen. The oxygen intake and consumption of the body increase gradually during the workout. It is perfectly suitable for conditioning (strength and stamina) and the improvement of the coordination ability. The workout is made on rhythmic music that helps you to bear fatigue. This is recommended to those who wish to lose weight while shaping their muscles, or just love dance like movement. The name, aerobic is at present a collective designation, referring to a great variety of aerobic workouts.

Any of the three different styles may be optionally chosen three times a week:

  • fitness
  • stamina
  • step aerobic

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